Creating Energy Technology Solutions

Innovative energy storage technologies.

Significantly enhanced safety and performance.

Sustainable solutions for maritime, defense and renewable energy sectors.

Innovative, Superior Technology Solutions

LAVLE is a supplier and developer of battery modules for the defense, oil and gas, renewable energy, rail and marine transportation markets using LAVLE’s advanced Battery Management System (BMS) and making use of next generation battery cells, such as lithium metal anode batteries and solid electrolyte batteries, from the Japanese battery technology company 3DOM Inc.

Our advanced, solid state and lithium ion energy storage technology improves performance and safety, while significantly increasing energy density, depth of discharge and reliability. This enables use of battery-electric drivetrains for marine applications such as ferries with routes greater than 30 minutes, that until now have been limited by the capacities of conventional lithium-ion energy storage technologies.

Charting Strategic, Sustainable Courses

The marine industry, and especially the ferry sector, has largely embraced hybrid or full electric propulsion systems, including energy storage, because of the improvements the provide in efficiency and environmental sustainability.  LAVLE’s advanced technology solutions are now helping the marine industry to significantly improve on these already impressive benefits, allowing full electric propulsion to be feasible in sectors which can have meaningful, global impacts on air emissions and sustainability.


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Protecting Sensitive Environments

Through advancing the electrification of vessels, machinery, and infrastructure in marine transportation,  LAVLE’s advanced technology solutions will help customers reduce their impact on marine habitats through lowering air emissions contributing to climate change and local air quality; reducing reliance on fossil fuels; and reducing radiated noise, which impacts whales and other marine organisms.

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