3DOM will Start Supplying Samples of 400Wh/kg Class Lithium Metal Secondary Battery for Evaluation by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) from This Month

New Lithium Metal Secondary Battery for Development Evaluation

3DOM Inc. (Yokohama City, CEO: Masataka Matsumura), an entrepreneurial venture company originated from Tokyo Metropolitan University, has successfully developed a lithium metal secondary battery that has 499Wh/kg weight energy density.

Application of lithium ion battery is expanding all around the world, particularly to electric vehicles (EVs), small consumer applications such as smart phones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) including drones, stationary energy storage systems that are installed in houses with solar panels, etc. For UAV application, in particular, it is required to reduce the weight of the battery, the power source, as such technology greatly affects the flight time.

Although carbon materials are used for the anode of lithium ion batteries, research and development of silicon alloy anode and lithium metal anode are now underway in various fields in order to further improve the energy density. However, until now, no sufficient performance of long life has been obtained.

In line with the research and development of the proprietary 3DOM separator that have been continuing since the Company establishment in 2014, the Company has continued to undergo vigorous research and development of lithium metal anode battery. This time, 3DOM has paved a way to maintain and improve the energy density of the battery that just meets the requirements of the customers, achieving both the weight energy density and life span performance.

The new lithium metal secondary battery successfully developed this time has twice the weight energy density of the conventional lithium ion secondary battery. The performance evaluation test has started as a secondary battery for UAV, and it is being planned to install the battery on the actual UAV two years later at the earliest.

In the future, by applying 3DOM’s proprietary separator technology and using materials with higher energy density, the Company aspires to further improve energy density while improving reliability. 3DOM plans to enter into various markets including the UAV application market which is expected to grow and weight reduction is particularly required.

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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