LAVLE is a joint venture company that combines advanced energy storage technologies from the Japanese battery technology company 3DOM Inc. with the best-in-class marine engineering, design, and systems integration services of Ockerman Automation, in order to provide products and services to the defense, renewable energy, and marine transportation industries.


Anacortes, WA, USA – Headquarters; Ockerman Automation Consulting
Burlington, WA, USA – Assembly and Integration Facility
Newport News, VA, USA – Marine Electronic Propulsion Simulation Lab (MEPS Lab)
Tokyo, Japan – 3DOM Headquarters and Business Office
Yokohama, Japan – 3DOM R&D and Production
Frederikshavn, Denmark – European Sales Office
Houston, TX, USA – Gulf Coast Sales Office


About 3DOM, Inc.

3DOM, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, is an entrepreneurial venture company developing pioneering battery technologies and energy storage solutions. 3DOM’s patented separator technology makes possible practical commercialization of lithium metal batteries, and together with the company’s other breakthrough battery technologies will facilitate electrification of next-generation transportation infrastructure.


About Ockerman Automation

Ockerman Automation is an Anacortes, Washington-based marine engineering and systems integration company that designs and helps install engines, generators, energy storage, control stations, and vessel bridge systems.


Dr. Jason Nye

Jason Nye, PhD

Chief Executive Officer
John Ockerman

John Ockerman

Chief Technology & Engineering Officer and Director;
President, Ockerman LLC

Masataka Matsumura

Director; Chief Executive Officer 3DOM
Prof. Kanamura

Kiyoshi Kanamura, PhD

Chief Technology Officer, 3DOM

Toshiya Kuwamura

Executive Vice President, 3DOM Inc.

Hiromichi Aoki

Director; Advisor, 3DOM Inc.
Allan Grant

Allan Grant

Executive Vice President

Paul Brachvogel

General Counsel

Yutaka Imaizumi

Vice President
Global Partnerships
Sean Connell

Sean Connell

Vice President
Government & Public Relations
Keith Wyatt

Keith Wyatt

Vice President
Business Development
Morten Pedersen

Morten Pedersen

Director, European Sales


LAVLE is headquartered in Anacortes, Washington.

A historic maritime community, Anacortes hosts a comprehensive maritime technology and industry cluster, and together with Skagit County is home to innovative, world-leading advanced manufacturers across the marine, aerospace, and energy industries.

LAVLE is in Washington because of the state’s leadership in marine technology and design, and the state’s proactive efforts to accelerate innovation in both the maritime and clean energy sectors.


LAVLE is proud to be a founding industry member of the Washington Maritime Blue Cluster Organization.

This new partnership was launched in January 2019 to drive implementation of the Washington Maritime Blue strategy, which aims to accelerate the Blue Economy as a leader in maritime clean tech innovation and best management practices that will support a growing maritime economy in all sectors with increasing living-wage jobs, a healthy environment, and resilient communities.

Our Office

916 8th Street
Anacortes, WA 98221

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