Developing a Safer Lithium-Ion Battery

In this October 22, 2020 POWER Podcast interview with POWER Magazine Executive Editor Aaron Larson, LAVLE Chief Technology Officer Ben Gully and Chief Operating Officer Morten Pedersen highlight LAVLE’s advancements in lithium-ion energy storage system technology and how the company is making lithium-ion batteries safer.

Listen to the podcast here, and read an excerpt from the interview below.

“The foundation of safety in the lithium-ion battery really comes from a good and effective thermal management system,” Gully said. “Another really critical component for safety actually ends up being the battery management system—the BMS. That’s kind of the electrical computer brains of the battery,” he said. LAVLE has put a lot of emphasis on incorporating reliable and redundant protection into its designs “that give the whole system a very high level of safety.”

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