LAVLE Featured in Recharge

LAVLE was featured in Recharge in an article titled Double the energy density’: US gigafactory to make lithium-metal batteries to beat Li-ion.”  Managing Editor Leigh Collins interviewed LAVLE Chief Technology Officer Ben Gully and Chief Operating Officer Morten Pedersen about LAVLE’s next-generation battery technologies, their game-changing applications, and plans for large-scale production of advanced lithium-metal batteries.

Read an excerpt below, and check out the full article here.

”Doubling the energy density of lithium-ion technology will create a wealth of opportunities, explains chief technology officer Ben Gully.

“If you have an electric car with a 300-mile range, you swap out the battery for one the same size and weight and now you have a 600-mile range,” explains chief technology officer Ben Gully. “Or if you have a 300-mile range and that’s all you need, then you can cut the weight of your battery in half, and that gives you better performances.

“[The energy density] conceivably opens up whole new applications and battery use cases that we can’t even entertain right now.”

Lavle (pronounced “Lav-lee”) says its lithium-metal batteries will be able to achieve per-kWh cost parity with conventional lithium-ion once a supply chain is established and the cells are manufactured at scale.”

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