LAVLE Featured in WIRED Magazine

Want Electric Ships? Build A Better Battery

In this piece from WIRED Magazine, reporter Daniel Oberhaus explores the battery technologies that will be required to electrify large marine vessels. LAVLE is excited to be featured as a leader for our work developing an advanced energy storage system based on solid electrolyte and lithium metal batteries.

Read an excerpt below, and check out the full article here.

“From an energy density standpoint, we’re approaching three times what standard lithium-ion batteries on the market can do,” says Lavle CEO Jason Nye. But Nye sees Lavle’s solid electrolyte batteries as just a step on the road to an even better type of power pouch known as a lithium metal battery, which uses an anode made from solid lithium metal rather than a more typical carbon anode. Nye says its lithium metal anode can push the cell’s energy density even higher and would be easier to mass produce than a solid electrolyte battery.”

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