Restructuring of JV leads to new supply chain and potential growth.


BURLINGTON, WA, June 19, 2020 – LAVLE USA, Inc. and Ockerman Automation Consulting successfully completed negotiations paving the way for the potential placement of LAVLE products with Ockerman Automation Consulting’s state of the art propulsion design solutions. The agreement, which replaces an earlier JV structure with a new independent supply relationship allows Ockerman Automation Consulting to focus on sensitive DoD work more exclusively and for LAVLE to pursue more markets and through multiple channels.

“LAVLE’s opportunity to market the world’s first Large Format Solid Electrolyte Battery and Lithium Metal Battery solutions, and other energy storage products, has been enhanced by this agreement.  It expands a world of other opportunities,” said Jason Nye, CEO of LAVLE USA, Inc.

The agreement also clarifies the parties’ relationship by affording latitude to work with other system integrators.

LAVLE will continue to work on the deployment of its leading energy storage technology in the marine, rail, mining, grid applications, and other markets.

“The potential growth LAVLE product markets and shareholder return is immense. Our strategic objective remains the same as it was prior to the agreement: To satisfy market demand for meaningful and innovative approaches to carbon reduction,” Nye added.

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