Proteus ESS Bringing LAVLE’s Technology, Sustainability Visions to Life

LAVLE Proteus Energy Storage System

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that LAVLE does, which is why we are working to innovate energy storage and battery technologies for sectors including marine, rail, energy, aviation, and defense that are significant net generators of greenhouse gasses.  In these sectors, there are safety and performance challenges with current energy technologies that are hindering wider adoption of electrification.  With the recent launch of our Proteus Energy Storage System, we are bringing our vision to life.

On June 23, we announced our new Proteus ESS.  The LAVLE team worked tirelessly for months to design and develop Proteus to be the safest and most reliable energy storage system on the market.  Proteus’ key features include:

  • A highly effective thermal management system that entirely mitigates the risk of thermal runaway, with high performance liquid cooling, optimized battery chemistry, and multi-layer propagation barriers.
  • A dual redundant design that ensures no single component failure anywhere in the system can take down more than a single battery string.
  • Industry-first gas and leak detection technologies in every module.

On the heels of our Proteus product announcement, LAVLE also announced its first Proteus ESS sale to CleanDesign Power Systems Inc.  CleanDesign creates a hybrid power management system for drilling rigs in the oil and gas industry.  Utilizing Proteus, CleanDesign’s system will be able to reduce fuel consumption, lower carbon emissions, shorten genset runtime hours, and cut power-related downtime on the drilling rig.  Our first Proteus ESS will be delivered in Fall 2020 for deployment with CleanDesign’s industry-leading drilling rig contractors and oil and gas operators.

We’re excited to bring our game-changing battery technologies to the market and make strides toward lowering carbon emissions.  To learn more about our Proteus ESS and how we can work together, contact us!

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