Proteus Energy Storage System

LAVLE’s Proteus Energy Storage System (ESS) has superior safety and performance to any other ESS available on the market today. Incorporating LAVLE’s industry-leading safety features and battery management system (BMS), with a C-rate and cycle life competitive with industry leaders, it offers the highest levels of quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for hybrid and full electric propulsion solutions in sectors including marine transportation, rail, energy, aviation, and defense applications.

Unparalleled Safety Characteristics

Designed and developed by LAVLE Chief Technology Officer Dr. Ben Gully, who spearheaded thought leadership for lithium-ion battery safety within DNV-GL’s Maritime Advisory Group and facilitated the positioning of marine systems as setting the highest lithium-ion battery safety standards in the world, Proteus is the safest and most reliable ESS on the market.  Proteus offers maximum assurance for preventing and mitigating safety events, and maximum performance benefits from these systems in day-to-day operations.

Superior Battery Management System

LAVLE’s battery management system (BMS) features dual redundant design through the entire ESS, ensuring that no single component failure anywhere in the system can take down more than a single battery string. A battery is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain—and the LAVLE BMS passive and active balancing solutions enable full mitigation of any contingency.

  • Highly-effective thermal management system that entirely mitigates thermal runaway — featuring high-performance liquid cooling, optimized battery chemistry, and multi-layer propagation barriers.
  • Dual redundant voltage sensing on every cell—ensuring accurate voltage sensing and preventing accidental over-charging.
  • Novel gas and leak detection technologies—including dual gas release valves and detection of battery off-gassing inside every module, and full cabinet ventilation management — offered by nobody else in the industry.
  • High accuracy dynamic State of Charge (SOC) calculation that ensures optimal operating and ageing control.
  • High-performance active and passive balancing systems — ensuring maximum capacity utilization available, and improving system lifetime and reliability.
  • Second-generation, proven design, that has seen extensive development testing.
  • High security remote monitoring and cloud-based data services allow battery system to provide highest levels of support and performance.
  • Rear blind mate connections that eliminate arc flash risk while removing cable clutter.
  • Modules secured in racks with screwless integrated locking mechanisms for clean installation.
LAVLE Proteus Energy Storage System
LAVLE Proteus Energy Storage System


LAVLE’s Proteus is currently going through certification by DNV-GL, the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lloyd’s Register, and other international standards and certification bodies.

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