LAVLE utilizes innovative energy storage and battery technologies from its joint venture partner 3DOM to power its solutions. 3DOM is the developer of a technology involving separators, the membrane between the anode and cathode in a battery. The flow of electrons between the two through a membrane is what produces current to do work. The 3DOM separator, made with a polyimide resin with high heat resistance, prevents thermal runaway (overheating), which makes the battery inherently safe.

3DOM’s technology has been vetted extensively at Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan and supported by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Energy Storage System (ESS) Characteristics

LAVLE’s ESS offers higher performance characteristics than other commercially available batteries, including:

  • Greater safety
  • Longer life
  • Higher number of cycles
  • Higher energy densities
  • Wider operational temperature range

The 3DOM separator has created a new generation of LAVLE lithium-based ESS that has the characteristics noted above, enabling the use of hybrid and full battery electric propulsion in new marine and defense markets, including high-speed ferries, long-route ferries, shuttle container ships, cruise ships, frigates, destroyers, submarines and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), to name a few.

Below is a representation of the separator technology in close up in yellow, and how it fits in a battery at left.

Separator technology in close up in yellow, and how it fits in a battery at left.

Commercial Deployment

3DOM is producing the separator and LAVLE is working on ESS designs that will use it.  An ESS based on solid electrolyte/solid state batteries is currently in the prototype phase.

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